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EasyGo EGP-COM-011 Compu Cleaner

EasyGo is another company that has recently thrown it’s hat into the Electric Air Duster ring. We were somewhat surprised when we heard that they were coming out with their own air duster because the other types of products they have are not related to blower or

02 Hurricane 220+MPH Canless Air

                       When we first heard of the claims that were  made about the 02 Hurricane 220+MPH Canless Air, we were somewhat skeptical. Such claims are “It’s Equal To 1000 Cans!” and “It Blows Air Out At 220MPH!” Is that so? Let us take a closer look

Metro MDV-1BA DataVac Pro Vacuum/Blower

                                                                                                                                         For those who have wondered if there is an electric air duster that can serve as a vacuum and blower……well, wonder no more! We found the Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA Datavac Pro 4.5 Amp Computer Vac Blower. ( Wow, what a long name.) Metro has developed it’s own

Xpower Airrow Pro Multi-Use

  This is Xpower’s Super-Duper Top Of The Line Electric Air Duster! Xpower took a good look at what the other companies were offering and they added a few more features. One “Big” difference between this unit and other Electric Dusters is that it has 2 speeds! 2

Metro ED500 DataVac

 This awesome little powerhouse is one of Metro’s Finest Electric Air Dusters! At about 3.3 pounds in weight and 11 inches tall, it is like a stick of dynamite in the world of electric air dusters. One of the main reasons that people use air dusters of