The Benefits Of Using An Electric Duster As Your Computer Duster!




Computers are a part of our everyday life and for this reason; they need to be well maintained. Cleaning computers is a very important part of computer maintenance. Computers tend to attract dirt and dust particles from their surroundings.

When the dirt and dust accumulate, it leads to a rise in temperature that may result in failure of some important components of your computer. Electric dusters are very effective in cleaning your computer and they are a great choice if you are looking for an effective computer duster.

The importance of cleaning your computer using an electric duster is the fact that it is very effective in removing dust even inside the computer thereby preventing build-up of dust. It is also a very environmental friendly method compared to using compressed air. Electric dusters can be used anywhere and most important, most are durable and very affordable compared to using compressed air cans.




The Benefits of Removing Dust from Keys and In Between the Keys Using an Electric Duster.

When cleaning your computer, one of the places you really need to pay close attention to is the keys. You need to use your electric computer duster to remove dust from keys and in between keys. This is important because the keys are prone to attracting too many dust particles and dirt. If the dust accumulates it could prevent the keys from working as expected.

There are a number of benefits you get from removing dust from keys and in between keys using an electric duster. First and foremost, you get to ensure that the performance of your keyboard remains high. When dust accumulates around your keys, you may have a problem with “stuck keys” which might prevent you from typing and doing other important things on your computer. By dusting using an electric duster, you are able to eliminate as much dust as possible from your computer to ensure this does not happen.

The other benefit you get from dusting your computer with an electric duster is the fact that you will not have a problem with “repeated characters” in your computer. Repeated characters result from dirt and dust as well. When dirt accumulates below the key, it might get out of balance and pressing it my result into repeated characters. Therefore, you are at an advantage when you clean out the keys.

Another benefit you get from using an electric computer blower to clean your keys is that it remains powerful from start to finish as long as you are using it. This enables you to get rid of all the dust in your computer within a short time.

You cannot achieve this with a compressed air can since compressed air cans tend to be powerful in the beginning but lose the power after a short while and they become very cold. It is therefore a great idea to go for the electric computer duster if you want to eliminate as much dust as possible from your computer keys.

Electric computer dusters are also very beneficial because they come with very long cords. This enables you to move from one place to another cleaning your computers’ keys. This is a great thing especially if you are in the (IT) business and you have a number of computers around. With the long chord, you can clean all your keys without having to worry about plugging and unplugging the electric duster or moving your keyboard from one place to another during cleaning.

Last but not least, an electric duster makes cleaning keys very easy. When you use compressed air, you might have a hard time getting all the dust off the keys especially after the compressed air has started cooling. However, since the electric computer duster produces a strong blast of air, you get to remove all dust particles in as little as three minutes. This not only saves you time but also gives you an easy time cleaning your computer keys. The electric dusters are also very easy to use and can be used by anyone even if they have minimal experience in using electric dusters.

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The Benefits of Removing Dust from the Internal Wiring.

A lot of people who own computers do not know the importance of cleaning their computers or what they are supposed to clean when they do. Most people therefore just focus on cleaning the external surfaces of their computers such as the monitor and the keyboard paying little or no attention to the internal wiring. It is very important to remove dust from the internal wiring of your computer. There are a number of benefits you get from this.

First and foremost, removing dust from you internal wiring helps prevent overheating of the wiring in your computer. When dust accumulates in the internal wiring of your computer, the wires tend to overheat. This is not a great sign because it might lead to computer malfunction. This is something you do not want to happen since it might result in eventual failure of your system which might require you to invest in purchasing a new computer. It is therefore better to prevent the problem early in time instead of having to deal with a bigger problem later.

The other benefit of dusting the internal wiring is the fact that it improves the air circulation in the computer. When there is good air circulation in the computer, connections running in the computer are able to run well without any interference. However, an accumulation of dust interferes with these connections by raising the heat levels in the internal wiring. With an electronic computer duster, you can easily make sure that the internal wiring is free of dust in order to ensure the connections are not interfered with.

Cleaning the internal wiring of your computer is also beneficial because it increases your computer lifespan. How does this happen? When you make a habit of blowing out the dust from your computer’s internal wiring, you help eliminate all chances of overeating that may arise from accumulation of dust.

Since there is no problem of overheating in your computer, the other components are protected and they can therefore serve their purpose for a long time without any problem. This increases your computer’s lifespan and saves you a lot of money that would otherwise be used on purchasing a new computer once the one you have has broken down to overheating.

The other benefit of removing dust from your internal wiring is the fact that it also helps you remove excessive dust from the fan. A computer fan is very important in ensuring there is circulation of cool air inside your computer. This is one of the parts you need to be extra careful about. If your fan stops moving because it is clogged with dust, it could lead to your computer going off for a number of days or having malfunctions.

Replacing your computer fan is not very easy or cheap. It is not easy because it might be a difficult task to find a compatible fan depending on the make of your computer. It is also not cheap to replace a computer fan because it plays a very important part in your computer. Adding salt to injury, you might not have an easy time finding someone who is highly skilled in replacing fans and if you do, they might charge you a lot to do it. Therefore, a simple 10 minute cleaning with an electric computer duster will save you a lot of money and time that would otherwise be used in doing research on computer repair and buying computer replacements.




The Importance of Removing Dust from Your Computer Screen Using an Electric Duster.

The other part you should never forget to clean when cleaning your computer is the monitor. Cleaning your computer screen gives you greater visibility which enables you to see clearly. When you clean your monitor, you should focus on removing dust, finger prints and any other kind of dirt that might be on your computer screen. There are a number of benefits you get from removing dust from your computer monitor using an electronic duster.

First and foremost, an electronic computer duster helps remove even the dust that is trapped around the corners of the monitor. Most people prefer using a damp cloth when cleaning their monitor. What this does is that it removes the dust from the larger surface your computer but accumulates it at the corners since they hard to wipe especially when you are using a large piece of cloth. However when you use an electric computer duster in conjunction with a damp cloth , you have a good chance of removing all the dust from your computer screen.

One other benefit of using an electric duster to remove dust from your computer screen is the fact that it gives you better visibility. This enables you to have an easy time reading what is displayed on your screen and also enables you to enjoy a clear view when playing games or watching videos on your computer. It is therefore a great alternative if you are looking for a cleaning solution. It is great to have electric dusters in offices for this purpose since it gives the company a good first impression when they receive clients, and employees get to have a dirt free working environment that protects them from health problems associated with dirt.

An added advantage of using an electronic computer duster to remove dust from your monitor is the fact that it removes any obstructions from the vents of the monitor. It is very important to ensure that the vents in your computer monitor are not obstructed. This is because some obstructions may lead to your computer monitor catching fire. This is something you might not be able to fix and will require you to get a new monitor. For this reason, it is important to prevent such a problem by making a habit of using an electrical computer duster to remove dust and obstructions from the monitor vents.



Do Not Use Glass Cleaners!

An overlooked benefit of using the electric duster on computer screens is the fact that it does not have any effect on the anti-glare properties of the screen. A good number of people make the mistake of using glass cleaners that contain ammonia compounds to clean their monitor. This leads to destruction of the anti-glare property of the monitor especially if it is not a glass monitor.

This removes the protection the screen was offering your eyes and may be potentially harmful for your eyesight. However, when you use the electric computer duster, this is something you do not have to worry about since the electric duster does not have these harmful chemicals. It will therefore not in any way affect the quality of your computer screen.

Last but not least, using an electric computer duster makes cleaning smudges and fingerprints from your computer much easier. This is because once the bulk of the dust is removed from the screen, you are able to see the fingerprints and smudges better. This enables you to clean the screen perfectly without leaving any area out. It is therefore a great step to include in the cleaning your computer screen. It is however very important to ensure you only use a cloth dampened with water when cleaning your computer screen since other cleaning agents may affect the quality of your screen.


In conclusion, it is very important to clean your computer if you want it to have a long lifespan. It will help you prevent computer malfunctions and save on repairs and eventual need of a new computer. Using an electric duster has proven to be the most effective, easiest, affordable and safe method of cleaning your computer. Use an electric duster the next time you plan on cleaning your computer and see how much difference it will give in the performance of your computer!

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