Electric Duster Vs. Gas Duster : A Quick Comparison

Dust is probably one of the biggest housekeeping headaches for any household. It’s hard to find a corner of your house where dust hasn’t settled. Dusting the house manually may be the option you choose for your house but there are some places where you cannot use a simple cloth to wipe the dust nor can you use fibers.

There also are some places where you cannot use water or a damp cloth to remove dust. So you have no choice but to use some type of Air Duster.

When you search, you may find two types of dusters on the market. One is an Electric Air Duster, and another is the “Compressed Air Can” type. Oftentimes people get confused as to which one they should select. Some are in favor of the Electric air duster. Others go for the Canned duster or Gas Duster as it is known. Let’s take a quick look at them both.



Electric Air-c WDdd076

Gas Duster:

 This product is also known as “canned air” or “compressed air”. Though the name includes air, it does not contain any air in it. Instead the cans actually contain gases that can be compressed into liquids. The system is simple.

A mixture of various gases is compressed in the can. The compression creates pressure in the can. That’s why when you press the knob, it releases air in speed. Just think of it as a body spray. The only difference is that the speed by which the air is released is higher.


Pros & Cons: A gas duster might come in handy to you if you are dusting a sleek layer of dust. But if you want to clean parts that have a thick layer, the air speed will not serve you properly.  Also, when you get to the bottom 3rd of the can, the amount of pressure gets lower resulting in less force.  Another disadvantage with gas dusters is that it is abused as a drug by many people.

When inhaled, gas dusters can produce psychoactive affects. This is what was known as “huffing.” This is extremely dangerous as it deprives your body and brain of oxygen. In some cases this has resulted in death. You don’t want your children to try that.


Electric Duster - Xpower Blue - XPO_A-2


Electric duster:

This is a duster that is run with electricity. An Electric Air Duster contains a motor that spins at a staggering 29,000 rpm or more, depending on the make and model, to produce a real speedy air stream.

This little thing can be used to wipe off any amount of dust from practically anywhere. You can use it for your CPU, your car parts, air conditioner and anywhere else that cannot be cleaned with anything other than air.


Pros & Cons: The only disadvantage people can point out about it is that the blow stream can be powerful, but hey, that’s what you need to clean your appliances, don’t you? Being careful and using the right attachments can solve this problem.

Initially the Electric Duster may cost more, but if you take a closer look at the matter, you can use a gas duster for only 2-3 months (if you don’t do heavy dusting) whereas an electronic duster can be used well over 2 years. With certain models, maybe 3-5 years. So it’s a good investment in the long run.

In the end, it’s your money and your choice. But if you ask me for a reliable air duster, I will always go for the electric duster for precision, longevity and purposefulness.




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