How Long Will An Electric Air Duster Last?


Electric Duster - moneyWe all work hard for our money. So when we purchase a new product, whether it is a new car, television, cellphone, or an electric shaver, we want to get the most for our money. We want value. We want to get what we paid for. The average person really doesn’t mind spending money if he or she knows that it was truly worth it.

What doesn’t feel too good is spending money on something that has little value and will not last too long. This is why the “Lemon law” was created for used cars. Too many shady used car salesmen were selling people crappy cars without warranties. No matter what the product is, it is definitely important to know what sort of warranty you are receiving and how long the product will last.


Electric Duster Blue on Computer

Based on all the research we gathered, as well as actual user’s experience, the average electric air duster will last about 2 years. Obviously this time frame will fluctuate according to the different companies, brands, makes, and models involved. However, we’ve gathered the warranty information for most of your top sellers



Best Warranty to Least Warranty

#1 Rated Warranty)

 The Metro ED500 has a 5 year motor warranty. That’s right…..5 long years. We believe this is a huge reason as to why this particular unit is the most popular electric air duster and why it sells so well. There were quite a few customers who claim that their Metro ED500 has lasted 4 years.

That’s not bad for about $50.00…..the price of one can of compressed air is about $6.00 to $10.00. You don’t really need a calculator to see how much money you would save in the end. This type of extended warranty will definitely add to a company’s reputation.


#2 Rated Warranty)

The Metro MDV-1BA DataVac Pro Vacuum/Blower has a 2 year motor warranty. This sounds like it is par for the course. 2 years is about average for most units. It actually is pretty impressive when you consider that one motor is responsible for the vacuum and blower actions. So this motor will get worked harder than your average electric blower motor. Not bad…..not bad at all!


#3 Rated Warranty)

The XPower Aiirow Pro Multi Use has a 1 year limited warranty. We were somewhat perplexed that it was a not a 2 year warranty, because this unit is really an “above average” unit. We are not sure, but maybe the early warranty has something to do with the 2-speed motor. It’s possible that this works the motor a bit harder.


#4 Rated Warranty)

The 02 Hurricane 220+MPH Canless Air has a 6 month warranty. There is not a whole lot we can say about this. It was the lowest rated unit of our reviews.  We assume that because the unit is rechargeable, the life of it’s motor won’t last too long. Maybe there is some sort of correlation there. Hopefully this will give you insight in regards to the life expectancy of these products. If you are going to spend money, spend it right!

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