EasyGo EGP-COM-011 Compu Cleaner

Electric Duster - Easygo Compu CleanerEasyGo is another company that has recently thrown it’s hat into the Electric Air Duster ring. We were somewhat surprised when we heard that they were coming out with their own air duster because the other types of products they have are not related to blower or vacuum needs.

EasyGo has put out umbrellas, washers, portable shelters, wagons, dishwashers and showers among other things. Now they have their own air duster, so here is our review! 

By name, the EasyG0 EGP-COM-011 Compu Cleaner suggests that it was specifically created for computer dusting and cleaning. It actually sells well and performs nicely in that regard. But because of it’s power, this unit can definitely take on other types of dusting and blowing jobs.




The EasyGo EGP-COM-011 has a motor that runs at 500 watts and 4.5 amps. This is exactly the same as the Metro ED500 DataVac. You have similar power in a lighter unit. We were pleasantly surprised at how powerful it was. You’ll find yourself looking for things to use it on . It’s almost “fun” to have something that is light and powerful at the same time! A “tiny hand-held hurricane” would be a great description.




Electric Duster - EasyGo61K8

This unit only  weighs 1.8 pounds. That is about a pound lighter than the Metro ED500 DataVac. It is definitely the lightest of all the “real” electric air dusters out there. “Carrying weight” is somewhat of a concern for some people who may have physical challenges or physical disabilities. In some cases, there are those who simply don’t like operating anything that is too heavy. You will not get tired of handling this unit because it is just too light!


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Things To Consider


We did notice that it’s construction was not the toughest or most durable. But apparently, this is why it is so light. There seems to be a trade-off of durability for weight. Unlike the XPower Aiirow Pro Multi Use, it is not made of that strong ABS Plastic. It has certainly been constructed with a lighter material. I wouldn’t call it flimsy, but it is not a unit you want to continually drop or slam around.

Also, there were comments about the unit getting hot after about 3 minutes of use. Some people claim that they only need to dust for 3-4 minutes at a time anyway, so maybe this won’t be too big of a deal for most. But if you are going to dust off large industrial units, this may become an issue.




  • Lightweight (Only weighs 1.8 pounds)
  • 500 Watt 4.5 amp motor
  • Several attachments for broad or pin-point dusting



Electric Duster - EasyGo Compu Cleaner 2




Even though EasyGo is is not known for vacuuming or blowing units, we still have to give them credit for creating a really decent electric air duster. This unit does deliver and does what it is supposed to do. It definitely is the lightest of the “real” electric dusters and it’s power is comparable. So for that, we Highly Recommend!


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