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When we first heard of the claims that were  made about the 02 Hurricane 220+MPH Canless Air, we were somewhat skeptical. Such claims are “It’s Equal To 1000 Cans!” and “It Blows Air Out At 220MPH!” Is that so? Let us take a closer look then.




Rechargeable And Cordless


First of all, let’s start with something good about it. It definitely is rechargeable and cordless. For those who do not like being hindered by an electrical cord, this is definitely a plus. I must admit, I don’t like having a cord that gets tangled up and twisted around objects when I am using an electrical device. This can certainly get on your nerves.

The 02 Hurricane will solve that problem for you. It will recharge and stay charged for awhile. No cords getting tangled or being pulled out of their sockets. You can literally take this anywhere you want. Good deal!



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Now, let’s talk about something that is not so good. This whole “It Blows Air Out At Over 220MPH!” is not so true. First of all, the generator inside would have to work several times harder to generate that kind of current. Think about it. 220MPH is awfully fast. Imagine a race car speeding down a stretch of road, or even a pitcher throwing a 90MPH fastball. 

We certainly didn’t feel such force coming out of this unit. Some of the complaints were #1) “No where near as forceful as canned air dusters.” #2) “It’s only strong without the straw extension.” #3) “Nothing compared to actual compressed air spray.”

We came across lots of comments similar to this, but I don’t have all day to type them in. We also noticed that as the battery decreased in it’s charge, the power decreased, but I guess that can be expected. It really seems more like a fan, not a compressor. As far as the battery is concerned, on average, it seems to last about a year.


Video = Personal Review





This is also an area where the 02 Hurricane sort of fell short. The nozzle is 3/4  inches in Electric Duster - torrent invitediameter. The straw extension is basically the same size so it’s not narrow enough to have that “pin-point focus” like canned air. There are really no other helpful attachments that would make this more versatile. It’s kind of a one-trick pony really.



  • Rechargeable 
  • Cordless
  • Lightweight ( 14.1 Ounces )
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee       


To summarize, this would have been a great idea . The thought of having a rechargeable, cordless electric air duster. We just wish that the company could have made a better, stronger product with more attachments or adapters to be more accommodating. Our Recommendation is Fair!

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