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This is Xpower’s Super-Duper Top Of The Line Electric Air Duster! Xpower took a good look at what the other companies were offering and they added a few more features. One “Big” difference between this unit and other Electric Dusters is that it has 2 speeds!

2 Speeds

1st Speed = RPM of 35,000 / 2nd Speed = RPM of 40,000.

This is great for those who claim that some Electric Air Dusters blow too hard or too soft. Now you have the option of two speeds. If the first speed is not getting the job done, you simply kick it into high gear. That sort of “POWER” is what Xpower is all about. This will definitely handle those hardcore, resistant areas of dust!

If the 2nd gear is too high and you have napkins, loose papers, socks, and t-shirts flying all over the place , simply drop down into 1st gear. It is always nice to have speed options in certain situations. (Imagine driving a car with only one gear!)



                                                                                                                                                                                       Electric Duster - Xpower - A-2-Green-Auto

Another feature that sets this unit apart from others is it’s awesome construction. Unlike other electric air dusters, where the canister is made of metal, the Xpower Aiirow Pro’s housing is made of ABS Plastic! This is the same plastic that football helmets are made of .

At 2.3 pounds, it is EXTREMELY DURABLE and Well-Built! When we first handled this, it seemed as if you could slam it against a wall, bounce it down a flight of stairs, drop kick it across a room and it still wouldn’t be bothered. Have you ever seen the crashes and collisions that football players go through?

One issue that comes up in regards to the electric air dusters that were made of metal is that they start to get warm or hot after a certain amount of time. This ABS Plastic material helps to keep the unit from getting warm so quickly.

The last feature that was added is the Air Pump. It was hard for us to find a use for that particular feature which would be relative to common household items. We assume that this would be useful for bags, balloons, inflatable toys, floating pool items, or anything you would like to have filled with air.


Computers And Keyboards


This definitely does the job for Computers and Keyboards! Dust was definitely flying everywhere when we tried it. The “Big” difference is the 2 speeds. When we kicked it into 2nd gear, there were areas of dust we reached that we apparently missed with the 1st gear. They weren’t huge areas, but there was definitely a subtle difference in what else we were able to dust out. The 1st gear really blew out about 90% of it.


Industrial Equipment


I don’t think you can do any better than the Xpower Airrow Pro for Industrial Equipment. Again, it’s that 2nd gear that makes the difference. Industrial units tend to have layers of dust and this little miracle was definitely able to handle it. When switched into 2nd gear, we were able to get deeper and further than we thought. Definitely impressive! 




  • 2.3 pounds – 2 Different Speeds (1st Speed = 35,000 RPM / 2nd Speed = 40,000 RPM )
  • ABS Plastic Housing – Extremely Durable!
  • Air Pump (Can Inflate Plastic Bags, Toys, Balloons, Inflatable Pool Items etc. )
  • 500 Watt, 0.75 Horsepower Motor
  • Great For Drying Wet Or Damp Machines
  • Works On Domestic Items As Well On Industrial Equipment
  • 8 Separate Air Flow Nozzles For Various Application
  • ABS Plastic Construction Helps To Keep The Unit From Getting Warm So Quickly




All In All

Electric Duster - Xpower - A-2-Green-Blinds


So, all in all, the Xpower Aiirow Pro is a “Great Multi-Purpose Electric Air Duster!” The extra features ; a) 2 Speeds, b) ABS Plastic Construction – makes the unit durable and helps to keep it from getting hot to the touch, c) Air Pump, are what gives it exclusivity! We Highly Recommend!


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