Metro ED500 DataVac

 Electric Duster -DataVac-in-useThis awesome little powerhouse is one of Metro’s Finest Electric Air Dusters! At about 3.3 pounds in weight and 11 inches tall, it is like a stick of dynamite in the world of electric air dusters. One of the main reasons that people use air dusters of any sort, is to remove the dust from their computers and keyboards.

                Computers And Keyboards

Each one of us has a computer, and we all know how dusty they can get. This “small wonder” certainly can take care of that…..and in a BIG way I might add. The first thing you notice when you use this on your computer keyboard is how much dust is actually coming out of it!

You would never have guessed how much dust your computer and keyboard contained until you use something this powerful. It literally seems like 10 times as much dust and debris is coming out compared to what a normal compressed air can would blow out. Talk about being THOROUGHLY CLEANED!

When you blow off your computer with this unit, definitely take it to an open area. In other words, don’t have it near your bed, your drapes, your comb, your brush, your toast, your chicken sandwich, or anything else that you don’t want to get dusty. I mean this badboy packs a WALLOP!Electric Duster - data vac on odd keyboard

One odd thing that we did notice, is that the label says DATAVAC. This may lead some people to believe that it is a vacuum when it isn’t. It has no vacuum-type capabilities whatsoever. It is a blower….and a mighty fine one at that! I think the folks at Metro should consider changing the name just so people won’t purchase it, bring it home, and then realize it’s not what they thought. That would have to leave you feeling a bit sore.

Aside from that, the Metro ED500 DataVac is definitely impressive. The force of air is so surprisingly powerful, that it reaches cracks and crevices that are often overlooked and easily missed. After trying this out, and seeing how “Brand Newish” your computer looks, you will never go back to compressed air cans!

Check Out A Video Of A Personal Review!



Office Equipment And Printers


Electric Duster - electric-computer-vacuum5

Anyone who has to clean office equipment and printers would also love this. Offices go through so many cans of compressed air in such a short period of time. The Metro ED500 is definitely a much more cost effective solution. I could easily see getting your money’s worth in only 3 or 4 months of use.

Another odd thing that was brought up was the warm motor. Some have said that when you run it for extended periods of time the motor gets warm and they would turn it off and let it cool down. Whatever the case, there is a 5-year motor warranty so that is somewhat assuring.


Industrial Equipment

For those who have to clean heavier, more industrial type equipment, the Metro ED500 is right up their alley. The Motor is so powerful that it can easily take care of the Big Boys like air conditioners, heating units, computer housing units, etc. Have a look-see!





  • Very powerful 500 watt 0.75 Horsepower motor.
  • Can handle small electric products as well as large industrial units.
  • Sturdy All-Steel container.
  • Can reach narrow and tiny cracks and crevices as well as broad areas and spaces.
  • According to most users, it will last for an average of 3 – 4 years. (Definitely worth the cost of 3 – 4 years of compressed air cans.)
  • Very tight fitting attachments. (no leaking of air)
  • Lightweight and Powerful at the same time.
  • Great for drying wet or damp machines.
  • Includes air pin pointer, air concentrator nozzle, air flare nozzle, micro cleaning tool kit.


To Sum It All Up!


So, for those who have had enough of spending their money on can after can of compressed air dusters, the Metro ED500 is a great solution! It can handle the smaller delicate electronic equipment as well as the heavier more industrial type equipment due to it’s makeup and design. This is one we Highly Recommend



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